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How to send airdrop for thousands of addresses

Usage guide

  1. Install node version >=16 and yarn version 1.
  2. Install node packages:
  1. Log in NEAR wallet:
yarn near login

Or, if you have near-cli installed globally:

near login

This command uses testnet network by default. If you want to log in NEAR wallet in mainnet, set environment variable by following this instruction.

  1. Create a file with comma-separated values (check this example for reference) in receiverAccountId,amount format. Amount is specified in regular tokens, not yocto.

  2. Run the script specifying all the desired options:

yarn create-roketo-mass-streaming [options] [filename]

Required options

  • csv: relative path to a csv-file with receivers and amounts (can also be specified as a default option);
  • speed: shared speed for all created streams in yocto tokens per second (mutually exclusive with endTimestamp option);
  • endTimestamp: Unix timestamp with shared end date for all created streams (mutually exclusive with speed option);
  • senderAccountId: your account ID from step 3 of usage guide;
  • tokenAccountId: FT account id of a token you want to create mass streaming with.

Optional options

  • network: mainnet or testnet (default);
  • locked: check this flag to prevent created streams from being paused or stopped prematurely;
  • cliffTimestamp: Unix timestamp with shared cliff date for all created streams;
  • dryRun: check this flag for a dry run without any valuables transfer;
  • delimiter: delimiter in csv (default value is ,);
  • skipExistenceChecks: check this flag to allow script to create streams to receivers, which weren't explicitly created.


The script creates a cache file ending with .cache.json extension near a specified csv-file for caching accounts existence, FT storage registration and created streams. After all streams are successfully created, the cache file can be safely deleted.


E.g. if lebedev.testnet is to dry run locked streams creation with token dai.fakes.testnet in testnet ending on December 31st with cliff date set to September 1st:

Timestamp for end date:

new Date('12/31/2022, 11:59:59 PM').getTime() // 1672509599000

Timestamp for cliff date:

new Date('09/01/2022, 11:59:59 PM').getTime() // 1662055199000

The final command:

yarn create-roketo-mass-streaming --endTimestamp=1672509599000 --cliffTimestamp=1662055199000 --senderAccountId=lebedev.testnet --tokenAccountId=dai.fakes.testnet --dryRun --locked --delimiter=';' example/example.csv


Tested on Ubuntu Linux.

If you experience any issues, you can write to Roketo Discord for support.